It is only natural to want to protect your home or business. This however is not an easy thing to do; after all we can’t be everywhere at once. Here at Lock Stock & Barrell we offer a complete CCTV service. As no two customers are the same we can professionally source and fit the best system for you.

Our CCTV systems range from just one camera and one monitor set-ups to large amounts of cameras and detection equipment. Our CCTV technicians can give you an unbiased opinion as to what suits your needs best. There are many different aspects that need to be looked into when installing a CCTV system so to make the whole process simpler we have listed just a few:

  • Amount of Cameras
  • Quality of the pictures
  • Storage of the Data
  • Places for fitting
  • Ease of playback
  • Hard-wired of wireless
  • Cost

We understand that choosing a CCTV system can be difficult and that’s why here at Lock Stock & Barrell we go out of our way to make the whole process as easy as possible. You tell us what you want and we do the rest.

Please contact us regarding any queries you may have.

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